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Taylor Mac: 24 Decade History of Popular Music, Melbourne 2018

Jonathan Holloway coaches leaders, consults and speaks to major cities and organisations around the world, helping them to unlock giant thinking, and enabling them to become freshly inspired and inspiring post-pandemic.

As Artistic Director/CEO of three of the world’s largest international festivals, Jonathan has controlled annual budgets of c.$22M, led teams of 400+ people in high profile and high pressured environments, promoted events for over 5M people, sold almost $40M of tickets, and delivered learning and engagement for a quarter of a million people.


He has devised major events for London, Melbourne, Perth, New York, Norwich,

Bloomberg, Chevron and President of the United States (then VP) Joe Biden.


He has written and directed theatre productions for venues including the

Royal National Theatre in London.


In 2015 Jonathan masterminded Australia's largest ever arts event, when 1.4M people walked with Giants through Perth.


He has collaborated with leading cultural figures including Judi Dench, Hugh Jackman, Thom Yorke, Macklemore, Lucy Prebble,

Charles Landry, Public Enemy, Taylor Mac, Ennio Morricone, Philip Glass, The Flaming Lips and Margaret Atwood.

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