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"During his time (leading the Norfolk & Norwich Festival) audiences increased tenfold, tickets sales tripled, there were whole host of international stars, hugely popular outdoor events.

This man really has a Midas touch..."

Margaret Throsby, ABC Radio, Australia

photographer: Frances Andrijich, 2012

Giant Thinking and Creativity in Times of Extreme Crisis



... the greatest threat to any organisation and its team at a time of extreme crisis is paralysis at the top.


The best organisational leaders care about their organisation and their teams:

that's why they open themselves up to the pressure and risk that leadership brings.


The best organisational leaders need to have and display a wide range of traits and skills:

by turns visionary, sensitive, strategic, belief-driven, people supporting, results orientated, and tough.


Some of these traits and skills come naturally, some are learned, all require some level of support.


Often one or two of these traits or skills come under major pressure. 


In an extreme crisis like the one we face now, every one of these traits and skills

comes under extreme pressure at the same time.

When the crisis is global, you can’t call your usual network of peers, as everyone is under attack at the same time.


It is impossible for anyone who is leading a major organisation, with any level of self-knowledge,

to not have moments of paralysis in the face of this level of onslaught.




… remember to put on your own oxygen mask before helping others.


As an organisational leader, your first priority must be

to put in place the systems and measures that will enable you to perform during the crisis.


The first four things that an organisational leader needs to do in a crisis are:



the sense of pressure


the flow of essential information



the processing power and ideas



the staff into three teams: survivaldirection - possibilities



As a coach through crisis Jonathan will help you work through all the issues and situations you are going through:


survival – behaving ethically – communication – protecting direction – positivity

motivating – decision making – restructuring – reimagining

recovering from furlough – re-opening – long-term success



Over the past three decades Jonathan has directed shows, then projects, then organisations.

He has collaborated with every part of society, from artists to emergency services, audiences to political leaders. He has project led … problem-solved … crisis-managed … dreamed and delivered, all under huge pressure.


After more than ten years as a successful CEO in the UK and Australia he is currently the advisor to major institutions around the world and executive coach for top leaders.


He has a highly developed skill-set, a depth of experience, and a lightness of touch

that might just be useful to you at this most pressured time.

 To arrange a time to talk about virtual coaching sessions


“Jonathan Holloway is the best kind of coach. He creates a safe and creative space in which you can bounce ideas, tell your own stories and hear what you think. The idea of a ‘coach’ virtual or otherwise can create the idea that you might be overly directed but perhaps the greatest gift of speaking with Jonathan is that he leaves space for you to come to insights on your own but frames things in such a way that you get there sooner than you might have. He is an exceptional and insightful listener. He’s generous and also infuses the whole experience with great wit. It’s a rare kind of conversation and one I’d highly recommend to help you focus your professional experience and aims.”

Michaela Kalowski,  Producer for ABC and live events

“Jonathan is a dream to work with, a force of nature.  Passionate, funny, highly effective

plus an accomplished artist. He's got great guts and artistic vision"

Kate Miller-Heidke, Singer-songwriter

“Jonathan Holloway’s lessons and reflections will re-focus your team on what’s important In perhaps the most engaging and entertaining way you’ve experienced for some time.” 

Kelly Grigsby, CEO Wyndham City Council:

“His passion is contagious, and is bound to inspire staff, supporters and audiences alike.”

Hon Linda Dessau AM - Governor of Victoria

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