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KEYNOTE - Walking With Giants

Walking With Giants

An inspiration to greatness …


Delegates will leave inspired by the story of how a city came together and was changed by the most unexpected of events, and as a result will remember that our passion projects really are as vital as we believe them to be.


The ideas that change our lives, our organisations and the world, come only occasionally and knowing how to nurture and deliver them is a subtle art.


Using the behind-the-scenes story of dreaming up, leading and delivering the largest single arts event Australia has seen, Jonathan explores how each of us can have visionary ideas outside our means, influence above our pay-grades, and deliver way beyond all  expectations.


Funny, poignant and inspiring, full of stories of brilliant achievement and bad behaviour, this is for everyone who wants to employ giant thinking and practical  strategies to transform the results they are seeing, and so rekindle their passion for what they do with the majority of their waking time.