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"I have just witnessed the best MC I have seen so far, in all the years I’ve been doing this - Jonathan Holloway. You’ve got to have him at your next event, live or online”


Ian Stephens, Speaker / Trainer / Author

reimagining collaboration in the new world


The success or failure of every venture balances on shared direction,

on clarity of decision-making and communication,

and on the passion and energy of everyone involved.


For decades, the system has been clear:


The Conference

the opportunity to learn, inspire, energise, team-build

(vision and mission)

The Retreat

the chance to strategise, shape, plan, refine


Management Meetings

where the progress is monitored in real time


Team working

where the plan gets carried out and delivered


and repeat...


there has never been a more important time for inspiration and clarity.


it has never been more difficult to ensure shared beliefs and direction,

and create a sense of team.

Zoom is great for sharing and for discussing.

For clarity, rigorous debate and tough decision making, it needs external moderation.

Those who address this, who rapidly rethink everything they have already perfected in a pre-pandemic world,

will emerge from this current situation in the best position to enter the new decade.


"If you're dumb, surround yourself with smart people.

If you're smart, surround yourself with smart people who disagree with you."

Aaron Sorkin, Sports Night

A great MC - like a great conductor ... or football manager ... or chef - is transformational.


They will quite simply DOUBLE the value and effect of everything else you have in place.


A great MC will...


bring out the best in everyone

keep focus and time

ensure the audience is inspired and buoyant

find the links and themes through the event

re-land the key points, to ensure the messages

are not only heard, but also understood


a great MC will transform any conference.

This was always the case, in the conference centre.


Now we are all trying to do this online, under huge pressure,

great MCing and facilitation is more important than ever.


As a former stand-up comedian, literature festival director and CEO,

Jonathan has MC’d and facilitated hundreds of events around the world,

live and online, and across every sector,

events featuring people from

Margaret Atwood (The Handmaid’s Tale) to the Managing Director for Chevron Australasia


sixty of Melbourne’s top barristers to Thom Yorke (Radiohead)


US Vice President Joe Biden to Yale University alumni


Philip Glass to Dame Judi Dench

and most recently he

MC'd the Professional Speakers Association Annual Conventions

in Australia (live onstage) and in Spain (on Zoom).

Jonathan commands the room or the screen with ease and charm,

setting a tone, style and energy that gets people into a

thinking, listening and actively engaged place. 


In advance, Jonathan can work with you on how to structure and design your conference or meeting or event,

advising on the best platform, ideas, schedule and potential guests,

in order to make the event totally unforgettable and utterly effective. 


 During the event, his energetic and enthusiastic style puts energy into the room

and excites the participants in a way that ensures the messages last long after the event has finished.


Online, Jonathan plays Zoom like Jean-Michel Jarre plays keyboards:

improvising between imaginative camera use and real-time polling,

interactive chat and Q&As, great imagery and energising musical stings,

in order to create the excitement normally reserved for a major conference stage.


At the end of the event, he will humorously and smartly wrap the whole thing up

by re-landing the key points from the event,  making a line through the whole thing,

suggesting how to use what you’ve learned,

and ultimately make the audience leave on an incredible high,

with action points to carry them into the next months.


Post-event, Jonathan will do a five minute to-camera piece with a more prepared summing up,

reflecting on the event and restating key points and learnings,

that can be distribute to attenders and other interested parties.

Video Testimonials:

MC testimonial video compilation (short : 1m 35s)

Screenshot 2019-03-29 at 11.30.00 am.png

To book Jonathan as a speaker or MC in Australasia contact ICMI

To talk about mc-ing or facilitation:

Screenshot 2019-03-29 at 11.24.45 am.png

To book Jonathan as a speaker or MC in Europe contact Leading Minds Worldwide

“I had the pleasure to speak at an online convention on Zoom with well over 100 attendees where Jonathan was the MC.

His performance was brilliant, injecting loads of energy and passion into an event of well over 2 hours.  

The deadlines were tight but he kept us on track throughout, keeping everyone focused by interjecting

brilliant flashes of humour that made the whole convention unforgettable.

I would not hesitate to have him MC again and would be happy to attend just to see his performance!”


Peter McKenzie, CFO of Anticipa Spain

“Jonathan MC'd a conference I attended just as the world was starting to see the impact in Europe of Covid-19.

No restrictions had been implemented in Australia yet, however, the mood at the conference was sombre.

Jonathan held the space for the intensity of the moment and yet also enabled the delegates to stay

positively connected and to maintain high energy. He was masterful.

If you are looking for a professional to lead your delegates you couldn't be in safer hands than Jonathan's.”

Tasha Broomhall, MSc (Psych), Adjunct Snr Lecturer

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