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“Jonathan is a great orator and teller of stories.

His blue-sky thinking is a huge talent that he then translates into reality and delivers

these wondrous events for audiences to talk about for years to come ... they always

come out saying ‘that was amazing, really enjoyed the presentation and the humour"


Trisha Comerford, Rio Tinto

Reimagining Experiences, Giant Thinking, Leading in Crisis 


Over the next few years the world's best leaders, companies and cities

will have to return to the drawing board and reimagine everything.


Those who don't will be a horse-and-cart in an electric car world.

As we begin to think about how we get through this current terrible experience,

we must also dream about the post-pandemic world,

how we will reimagine our businesses and work,

every element of our experiences and interactions.

Those who don't reinvent and renegotiate everything will be unprepared for this brave new world.

Those who do, and who then successfully deliver their corner of the world, will flourish.


"The pandemic is a portal. We can walk through it with our dead ideas.

Or we can walk lightly, ready to imagine another world"


                                                                                       Arundhati Roy


Extraordinary experiences have united cities, families, teams and individuals for millennia.

Experiences are at the heart of every successful life, relationship, business or project.

Experiences give products value, influence people's choices, and make life worth living.

We must now dream up the new experiences that surround our working lives, businesses and leisure time.

 In order to create the great experiences of the future,

we need to explore and revisit the great experiences of the past,

but seen through the prism of 2020 onwards.

Creating unforgettable experiences is like magic ...

... we start with the elements and limitations we have...

... we add in the expectation of those we want to bedazzle ...

... we put in more time and skill than anyone will ever know ...

... and then we exceed expectations with the truly astonishing!

Discover the tricks that the best companies, creatives and major event maestros

have used for decades, and what past experiences can inspire you in the

reimagining of the world, and the upcoming journey from surviving to thriving.


As the world returns to the drawing board ...

... as teams contract and expand ...

... as the world's infrastructure is reimagined ...

... and disruption is the new normal ...

... the best leaders, companies and countries will have to devise and deliver

a huge range of company-wide, city-wide and world-wide projects. 


You will need rigorous methodologies and roadmaps to enable simultaneous development of

projects alongside reimagining your existing activity.


You will have to use giant thinking and precision delivery to achieve the astonishing.

The Noongar Nation (the Aboriginal people of south-west Western Australia)

recognise that there are six seasons, not four.

Likewise, all great ideas, projects, artworks or creations can be broken down into six seasons.

This allows the whole team to identify where they are at any given moment, 

to discuss with colleagues and collaborators the exact stage they are going through,

and to approach each season with a different energy and methodology.  


Giant thinking is the six seasons of every great endeavour,

full of tricks and techniques to achieve the extraordinary.


It is the roadmap to success, and when you and your colleagues have the secret,

your ideas will scale up, your resilience will grow, your results will skyrocket,

your leaders will succeed and your team will be full of everyday heroes.

Video Testimonial:

testimonial video compilation (1m 38s)

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To book Jonathan as a speaker or MC in Australasia contact ICMI

To talk about a keynote or masterclass: 

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To book Jonathan as a speaker or MC in Europe contact Leading Minds Worldwide

Each one of Jonathan's keynotes is an unforgettable experience,

designed especially for you and your event.


Alongside delivering some of the biggest and most astonishing events around the world,

over the past two decades Jonathan has worked extensively as a professional speaker.


He has given:


over 400 speeches

to over 30,000 people

in over fifteen countries 

across four continents

In 2019 Jonathan was awarded CSP (Certified Speaking Professional)

by Professional Speaking Australia, the highest international designation 

of speaking competence and experience as recognised by the

Global Speakers Federation. The requirements are rigorous, including the

number of fee-paid presentations, number of clients, continuing education

credits and consecutive years of business experience.

It is held by just 12% of professional speakers worldwide.

Clients include:

Written Testimonials:

" Jonathan was the stand out presenter at the conference and took the audience on a unique behind the scenes

journey of the Giants. Funny and inspiring he gave us insightful and practical take aways to use in

our own journey and most importantly dared us to be visionary and creative in all aspects of our lives. " 

Michael Brierley – 2018 Asia Pacific Venue Industry Congress

“ Jonathan transformed a street performance into a discussion on IT,

systems and infrastructure with insight, humour and enthusiasm. ”

Marlene Kornides  -  IBM/Cisco Systems

“ Jonathan was a highlight of our 2015 Asia Pacific event telling the inspiring story of how in his role as

Artistic Director of Perth International Arts Festival he attracted over 1.4 million people to follow the journey of

a group of giants across the city in one of the biggest arts projects ever staged in Australia. ”  

Peter Tullin - Co-director of REMIX Summits

“ I saw this guy speak at the recent National Convention. In one word… brilliant!

Crawl over broken glass to be there! ”

Winston Marsh, Past National President, Professional Speakers Australia

“ Brilliant - funny, inspiring, highly intelligent, deeply empathetic, audaciously mischievous.

I’d like to see him at more conferences and events, making people laugh, feel, think

and then go out and do something special. “ 

Andrew Horabin  -  Keynote Speaker

“ Jonathan’s bespoke, enigmatic and audacious style had delegates hanging on his every word. 

Intelligent, inspiring and highly entertaining. ” 

Rick Heath  -  Australian Performing Arts Centres Association

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