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KEYNOTE - The Festival Formula

The Festival Formula

A methodology for success …

Participants will discover a formula which will allow them to achieve work and life goals in a way that is both SMART

(Specific – Measurable – Achievable – Realistic – Timely) and FAST (Fabulous – Astonishing – Skilful – Thrilling).

Festivals Make Life Worth Living


From hedonistic weekenders to city-wide cultural 

binges, from New Year’s Eve to new age retreats...


... Festivals focus the mind and sharpen the senses  

... they introduce new ideas in compelling ways 

... they help us remember why we do what we do


The Festival Formula can be applied to all aspects of work, life and business: it can bring energy, intensity and excitement to the every day,

and can deliver incredible results. Learn the universal appeal and tricks of Festivals,

and how to use them in order to make life and work more fulfilling.