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The Great Disruptor

KEYNOTE - Giant Thinking

Giant Thinking

A coping strategy for today …


We live in a time of social upheaval and change, people need guidance and security …

delegates will leave having laughed and relaxed around many tense subjects, and remembered just where to look for answers.


Disruption is changing every area of our lives, and the people who come out on top will be those who not only embrace it,

but also imagine it before it occurs.


The arts have always been the greatest predictor of disruption and change, and our greatest guide in navigating it successfully.


The Great Disruptor draws on great and popular art - from Leonardo da Vinci to Leonardo di Caprio,

from Shakespeare to Shakira and from H.G. Wells to HBO - to see what lessons we can learn in order to make sense of the world,

perform at our very best and how to stay one step ahead.